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2012-01-11 03:48:12 by scartheatre

I haven't been producing for or lurking on Newgrounds for a very long time, but I've been actively pursuing lots of creative things via the Portland Indie Game Squad, the PDX Film Collective, and Failsafe Clothing. Any animations or Flash games I end up making in the future will end up here (though I've met people with Kongregate recently...) because NG was definitely the first place I felt welcome in terms of being open and creative with media, and I'm glad that the community's played such an important part in my development as a storyteller. Until then, I've started a blog for creative and non-creative (but mostly creative) things that I work on. If you're interested in videogames, art, writing, film, music, events, design, struggle, etc., check up on me every once and awhile and there'll be plenty 'o that.



The Story of a Bullet

2010-12-08 17:06:22 by scartheatre

I've finally finished The Story of a Bullet! Watch it here; I promise it's epic and you'll love it and it's cool and you'll like it and it's amazing and you'll probably want to watch it again ;D

The Story of a Bullet

The Roll Call Collab is closed and I'm working on finishing it, but there's still a lot of stuff to be done!

And I'll be releasing a new animation that'll be popping in your doorstep in the very near future...

AND my t-shirt company is having a half-off sale for the month of December. We ship anywhere in the continental US and shit is like... 4-6 dollars a shirt (and I promise it's not garbage quality at all :P). Check it out if you're interested >

Roll Call Closed; Bitches Get Hosed!

For those of you reading this and wanting to join The Roll Call Collab, the initial thread is a bit outdated and needs a little bit of clarification (although it is pretty damns accurate), but any decided-on details that are hidden elsewhere in the topic can more easily be found here!

First of all, take a look at The Roll Call Collab Sample. This is a quick example of what the final Roll Call Collab submission will look like, having each artist's work showcased after the professor calls their name. Neat, huh?

Second, when creating any non-character elements in your submission, use something very similar to this when designing your classroom setting. For other examples, just pay attention to the backgrounds in the sample!

Third, there was a concern in the initial post as to how the length of the collab would work out, but I have since then appropriated a much more realistic length to the collab and there's nothing to worry about. If you want any further explanation, scour the thread or shoot me a PM.

And I can't stress enough that anyone is always free to ask questions on the forum or via PM! I'm starting to scout much more vehemently for artists so that this project can be huge; if you're interested in participating at all, feel free to hop on board at any time!

'Splaining all dem Roll Callz

Der Aardvarkian Principle

2010-09-04 02:17:49 by scartheatre

I sure do love Felix Colgrave. I hope I grow down to be just like him someday!

Der Aardvarkian Principle

Happy Clock Day!

2010-08-15 18:59:52 by scartheatre

I just baaarely made it into the 2010 Clock Day Collab, but also managed to squeeze out some Clock Day art as well! Put me in a burlap sack and call me Rorschach!

Also, the Roll Call Collab is still going on, and I still need plenty of artists! It's just a minimum of three seconds of animation, so consider hopping on if you'd like to contribute to something never before seen! I put together an example of how the final product will look, and - I must say - it's looking pretty burly so far. And by burly, I mean attractive. I'd go as far as to say it's super and duper. Stupendous. Wayfaring. Or Caterpie. Wait, what?

Happy Clock Day!

Llabin y Widdershins

2010-08-08 16:51:11 by scartheatre

I put together a quick, dirty sample of what The Roll Call Collab will look like when it's finished. More and more people are hopping on, and everyone's coming up with some really unique characters to showcase in this really unique project. So participate if you're feelin' it!

This is kinda sorta how the middle of the end product will end up looking!

I'm also throwing together a short piece for The 2010 Clock Day Collab and may do a solo piece as well, but that kind of depends on how much time I waste playing with Speakonia first.

Oh, widdershins!

Llabin y Widdershins

The Roll Call Collab

2010-07-14 19:36:09 by scartheatre

I'm fleshing out/beginning The Roll Call Collab, which'll be huge and out 'o sight!

Che' check it 'ere!

The Roll Call Collab


2010-07-10 18:52:01 by scartheatre

So I made a Robot Day cartoon for today. It can be found at

And if you like writing, feel you aren't productive enough, and want a regular 10 minute period of creativity added to your day, check out Missile Notes.



Missile Notes

2010-07-09 01:09:20 by scartheatre

I started a blog - titled Missile Notes - for the purpose of inspiring people to write for a very short period of time every day.

More information can be found at the forum post I just plastered up.